Deficis 1.2 Release

Today is a pretty great day, but it comes at a cost.

I have brought a few people onto the team, over the last few months, that have lots of promise and have convinced me that we have a decision to make.

  1. We finish up Deficis as was greenlit – a simple tap game that really has little depth and isn’t exceptional… and then move to Deficis 2, the more indepth and interesting title, or
  2. We make the full vision of Deficis and stretch out our time in Early Access.

The truth is, this was an argument I have had with the team a few times, and the outcome is that they have swayed me. The project was a proof of concept when released initially and is missing key elements that make the game more fulfilling. As such, we are diving in head first.

This release is another minor seeming set of internal changes and tweaks to economics system deployed to the beta branch. We have spent the better part of this last month generating a roadmap, with which our delivery date will be adjusted. Now that I can stop worrying about the business side of Gneu and can get my head back down into the guts of developing my games, life is much better. Expect more on this front in the coming weeks/months.

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