Initial Release & Thank you letter =)

The things we create tell people who we are.
Zach Barth, Zachtronics LLC | Gamasutra

In January 2011, the Global Game Jam allowed three friends and me to build a pretty neat game about the end of life… Farewell. It was simplistic, built on top of UDK and provided little direction to the user. Although we considered it a learning experience and did our best to deliver on the theme of the Jam, something was missing… it didn’t quite gel.

In March 2014 Epic decided to drop a bomb on the game development community, opening up the UE4 source code, documentation, support and centuries worth of developer experience to hobbyist game developers. This has changed the industry in ways that we likely haven’t even realized yet.

This move inspired a friend and me to try and build something small, and after vetting a number of our ideas Exodus was born. Building on the ideas & concepts from Farewell, we delivered three heavily travelled builds – To date there have been 13084 downloads. Continue reading Initial Release & Thank you letter =)